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Pemberley bustles on Christmas Eve as Elizabeth is expecting, snow is falling, and guests are descending for Mr. and Mrs. Darcy's first Christmas Eve as husband and wife. Georgiana's plot to make love bloom between herself and a young man backfires as her present from Darcy, two kittens, wreck havoc on Pemberley Manor.

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Lord to Love Again: A Sweet and Clean Romance

Coming: Aug 31, 2019

I am extremely proud and honored to share my latest Regency romance page turner with you. Lord to Love Again was fun (and sometimes difficult) to write and I hope you enjoy it. 


Taming a Wild Earl


She prefers horses to heirs ...
Amelia West, the highly independent daughter of a penniless gentleman, has no use for London society and the superficial cruelty of the marriage market. She prefers to spend her time on the estate of the Earl of Croftridge in rural Yorkshire, where she grew up, and which she’s managed since her father’s death. The current Earl is pursuing a life of dissipation in the city, leaving Amelia free to do as she pleases -- and it pleases her greatly to help the less fortunate and rescue neglected animals.

He’s chosen devilry over duty...
Haunted by his brother’s death, John Mowbray does his best to numb the pain with liquor, gaming, and women. He doesn’t deserve to be the Earl, and would rather pretend he isn’t. Until, that is, he learns that his estate manager may be swindling him.

A meeting of the minds ...
John can scarcely credit the temerity of the upstart young woman whose taken over his manor. Amelia wishes the reprobate Earl would go back to London and leave her to her good works. Can they both learn to see past their prejudices for the good of the estate?


"Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery."

Jane Austen

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Available August 31 on Amazon KU

Caroline Holland was exhausted.​

Tired of scraping and rationing to get by. ​

Bone tired of doing nearly all the work in the house by herself.

     At 26, Caroline Holland had long ago given up on balls, dances, and frilly dresses. She even convinced herself that she didn’t miss the thrill of being held in a handsome man’s arms during a dance. But then, she had learned the hard way that handsome men were usually more trouble than they were worth.


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Grace Sellers is the pen name for a writer, college instructor, lifelong animal lover, and pop culture geek living in Chicago. She is thrilled to have found a use for her love of period movies, history, and literature that doesn’t involve lying on the couch and eating ice cream (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

She has student loans (and degrees) from University of Wisconsin-Madison and lived there for many years. You can see pictures of her past and present pets on her Facebook page. A good portion of any income she earns will inevitably go to rescue animals. Please do not bring her any needy dogs, cats or horses.


About the Author

I’ve always been passionate about storytelling and impressed by the influence it has on people and the decisions they make in life. I love history, diving headfirst into the research and investigation of the details of people's lives in Regency England. Finally, I explore issues I am passionate about, including women's rights and animal welfare.  My books feature a HEA for people and animals alike.


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